Chemical Anchor Bolt for Glass Curtain Wall Buildings

The chemical anchor is a high-strength anchor bolt made of vinyl resin as the main material. It was called chemical plug in the early days. The chemical anchor bolt is a new type of anchor bolt which appears after the expansion anchor bolt. The special cement bond is used to fix the screw cement in the bore of the crucible substrate to realize the composite member anchored to the fixture.

Carbon Steel Galvanized M12 Chemical Anchor Bolt for Curtain Wall Buildings

Product Name Carbon Steel Galvanized M12 Chemical Anchor Bolt for Curtain Wall Buildings
Material Carbon steel
Color Zinc white
Grade Customized
Thread Coarse, fine
Used Curtain Wall, Buildings, Highway, Bridge, etc


Technical parameters

Epoxy Size Thread Rod Size Hole diameter(mm) Hole depth(mm) Max anchoring thickness(mm)
M8 M8*110 10 80 13
M10 M10*130 12 90 20
M12 M12*160 14 110 25
M16 M16*190 18 125 35
M20 M20*260 22 170 65
M24 M24*300 28 210 65
M30 M30*380 35 280 65


Size Design Tension Destroy Tension Design Shear Ultimate Shear
M8 7.4 19 7.7 11.4
M10 12.8 30.2 12.6 18.1
M12 14.5 43.8 18.3 26.3
M16 28.9 70.9 34.6 49
M20 52.4 127.4 53.5 76.4



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